Hi, I am Max Lams

BSc Economics w/ Honours



Analytical and Critical Thinking

My higher level academic journey in economics, mathematics, and physics has nurtured my analytical and critical thinking skills due to their unique interactions in reasoning and logic. These disciplines have honed my ability to dissect complex problems and formulate innovative solutions. Moreover, my studies have fueled my enduring passion for scientific knowledge, driving me to explore and engage with the frontiers of discovery, and in sharing this knowledge with others I have built confidence in relaying complex ideas concisely.

Coding and Data

My coding journey began with Harvard's CS50 course and later expanded through various other online resources. I also interacted with professionals in data analysis, enhancing my skills and gaining real-world insights. This journey reflects my commitment to continuous learning in pursuit of data analytics and programming. A testament to my progress is this very website, for which I employed aspects of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to create a fluid and interactive user experience.

Leadership and Teamwork

As a committee member and calisthenics coach at Queen Mary University's Calisthenics Society, I taught and motivated team members to achieve various goals. During my A Levels, running an after-school Mandarin Chinese club for junior school students showcased my ability to educate and inspire. In sports, captaining the dinghy racing team at my school allowed me to further develop my leadership, communication, and hone my improvisational ability when presented challenges in a fast-paced high risk environment. These roles have equipped me to lead and mentor others effectively whilst maintaining interpersonal morale.

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Who I am

Enthusiastic linguist and data analytics scholar

I am a recent economics graduate from SOAS University of London with a passion for finance and a strong foundation in economic principles. As a student of four languages while actively pursuing proficiency in data analytics and programming, I bring a diverse skill set and a thirst for knowledge to the world of finance. My goal is to leverage my linguistic and analytical abilities to contribute effectively to the field.

I possess a unique blend of financial acumen and a passion for coding languages and data analytics. Proficient in R and Excel, and actively learning Python, and SQL, I am well-equipped to harness the power of data to drive informed financial decisions. My dedication to mastering these tools underscores my commitment to excellence in the field of finance.

I have been an avid learner of foreign languages for many years, picking up French, Latin, and Chinese in my early school years. I achieved HSK Level 3 in Chinese alongside my A levels. I also started to teach myself Korean as a hobby around this time, and took great interest in the culture; the first two years of my undergraduate degree would feature Korean language modules as a result of this. In third year I started to learn Japanese and am currently working towards my JLPT N3 certification.

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